Monday, 18 November 2013


Throughout the planning process I've been keeping a list of props as ideas developed in the notes section of my phone:

Most of these things are everyday objects and so just like with the costumes, they are fairly straightforward and cheap to obtain. As soon as I could I began collecting ice-cream tubs with a total of around 5 and if any more are needed there are cheaper alternatives to the branded tubs below that still looked like everything they need to be, which is simply an ice-cream tub.

The temporary green-hair dye has been something I've used before and can be bought quite cheaply from Claire's.
As for the all important pineapple, Asda is my chosen destination where they have a decent selection all year round. And just to be on the safe side, I'll be buying an extra pineapple, as similar as possible to the first in-case of potential damages, and after all, one has to be cut up at the end.

Items I forgot to include are the knife and guitar. I plan to use a kitchen knife of Lucy's so as not to cause issues with transportation and possible injury.
Luckily as was established pretty early on, Oli has his own guitar as pictured below - which is perfect as he doesn't have to take responsibility for another person's property and will be familiar with playing it.

With props there always tends to be something that ends up forgotten but a little closer to the shoot I'll be making a comprehensive props list so as to refer to and document this best

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