Saturday, 9 November 2013

Print Production Design Sketches

Here are my sketched designs for my Print Productions Digipack. I wanted something that was clever and a little bit art but didn't want to imitate the existing design (link). And so, I drew inspiration from just the type and then a little bit of a mixture between the essence of the video for 'Playing God' and my own character that Lucy plays.

The cover features 2 fists pressed against a wall (probably brick) with 'PARAMORE' written across them in black marker. I know I want the background to be dark - the foreground will be lit quite harshly - but I would also like to see some instruments in the back, possibly a drum kit. There is a wonky black frame that runs around the perimeter which will continue over onto the back.

The black continues in the ripped of ripped looking strips which I will add with one of  Photoshop's paint tools. This strips house the song titles at jaunty angles as to give a little more interest, against perhaps a light wood colour, similar to the desk seen beneath the paper.

As we open I want to see a fairly brightly lit surface (most likely a piece of stiff cardboard) within the same environment and covered in  shiny grey masking take, again with 'PARAMORE' adorning it in black marker.

On the underside is the disk. This will probably be white with a scratchy black pattern, similar to the strips on the back, and featuring a white (or grey) little 'x' made of masking tape photoshopped in.

The Head Inside Right features Oli and another male (most likely Peter) sat in the dark with the harsh light masking taped across the wrists, mouth and to their chair. They both look towards the Head Inside Left panel...

Which feature Lucy in the same environment holding the masking tape dangling in a dress and bun and gesturing for the pair to 'shush'. The idea is that you see this side before you open the pack fully and then you see the more shocking sight of the boys bound up.

I would like the advert to simply feature one of these images so that it ties in nicely together and so I can spend as much time as possible getting any edits to look just right.

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