Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Health & Safety

In terms of Health & Safety, the things I wish to attempt are not particularly hazardous.

In my case, the most serious dangers come with the standard equipment; cameras, lighting etc. The procedures needed to make sure that this equipment is safe would be:
- Taping down loose cables and marking off - serious injury can be caused from tripping on cables or from pulling equipment over.
- Placing lighting in areas with enough space - the large lamps can be particularly dangerous if knocked over as they contain mercury which is poisonous.
- Ensuring electrical safety - all plugs need to be correctly plug in and not taught from transporting ( although taping down ensures that they cannot be pulled to far)
- Ensuring camera is secure - on standard tripods, the cameras screw onto a bay that is then slid and locked into place on the tripod top. If either part is not correctly secured then the camera can fall and either break or fall onto someone, causing injury.

These issues are all easily carried out though it would probably be best to have a checklist when it gets to the time for shooting.

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