Saturday, 16 November 2013

Health and Safety 2

Thinking more along the lines of what the scenes I want to shoot entail, there are actually quite a few risks to consider. This is mostly based on the hazards caused by the actual performances or the environments I have chosen to put the performers in.

The following are things to be taken into consideration:
- Producing a key from Lucy's mouth: as with anything that someone would put in their mouth, for hygiene it would need to cleaned thoroughly both before it goes in and afterwards so as not to spread bacteria. There is also the risk of choking and so Lucy will have to remain very calm whilst the key is in her mouth and try not to keep it too far back.
- Strangling: this is a no-brainer really. Obviously the intention is not to actually strangle nor does the strangling need to be serious (we're keeping this still relatively light and up-beat after all) but care still needs to be taken when Lucy attempts this. She'll need to make sure her grip is more gentle than we are meant to believe and that not only does she not shake too vigorously, but also inform Bethany of exactly have vigorous she will be shaking. Also, as this will be shot on swings in the park, we will need to take into consideration that there may be young families around who may be startled and discomforted by this kind of action and so filming would be preferable when little to nobody is around.
- Sharp knife: the presence of a knife is always a danger and although this will only be seen resting on the table it will still be used to cut up the pineapple pieces (if pre-cut is not available) and so this needs to be done on an appropriate surface with fingers well out if the way.
- Tissues: with these and any item left on the floor there is the hazard of slipping or tripping. Care will then need to be taken to ensure items on the floor are avoided and that there is a big enough 'clear area'.

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