Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lucy's Costume 3

Luckily I managed to find the skirt. The connotations of punk that tartan brings should work well with the leather to juxtapose the sweet vintage styling's.

Considering the other girls (which are currently Jess and Katie) I want the pair of them to wear denim jackets (which I know they both have) with the addition of:
- Denim shorts and thick tights for Katie (she owns)
- Red skinny jeans for Jess (she owns)
- Red vest top for Katie (I own)
- Blank vest top for Jess to have aggressive slogan written on (cheap as £2 from Primark)

I have found it a great benefit to cast friends to cast as I already know the personalities they can portray as well as what's in their wardrobes (although it would be careless not to confirm).

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