Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Video Shot and Concept Ideas

What I have gathered from the lyrics is that '(One of Those) Crazy Girls' there are some very strong messages. What I gather is that:

  1. It is focused on the extent on which some girls hang onto denial
  2. It is meant to convey an over-the-top feel
  3. The relationship was clearly never going to work
  4. The subject is not necessarily crazy but IS super paranoid at best
When listening to this song, the ukulele at the start came through very strongly and immediately conjured tropical thoughts i.e. palm trees and hawaii. Yet at the same time there seemed to be a slight 50's/60's vibe to the sound (until the main guitar kicks in of course). In my mind then, I envision the subject to look a little like she might have stepped straight out of 'Grease', with her hair in bunches, big skirt and possibly the cat eye style sunglasses.

Then there comes the actual message of the song and my role in conveying that. I need the audience to get the message immediately and so to do this I want the ex-boyfriend roll to be played by a pineapple.

Here are some of the shot ideas I am speculating at the moment:
- Over the top crying w. ice cream eating in pj's. Either still with singer in the immediate front or moving around a circle which she is stood in the middle of.
- some form of simple synchronised movement/dance of singer + girls styled to look 'break-up crazy' i.e. messy hair and make-up, clothes a little bit punky and aggressive.
- walking up to front door in the rain with flowers
- singer thrashing on her bed next to someone playing the guitar solo in a hawaiian pineapple shirt
- purposeful marching towards the camera with scowel

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