Monday, 21 October 2013

Pitch Feedback

After performing my pitch to the rest of my media class, I received some very encouraging feedback, despite realising how much information I had actually left out. For example, no-one knew exactly who was my target audience until I was asked afterwards. (target audience post) And yet still comments said that it still looked to be both interesting and achievable.

It seems that generally, people really like the pineapple idea. I think it's because it's something people can immediately identify as strange and perhaps knowing that when the main character doesn't gives an audience the sense of superiority.

Also they seemed to like the idea of making fun of typical conventions and where the humour would be coming from, which was good as these were two points I really wanted to be prevolent.

It seemed that they believed that my idea worked to engage the audience and, by process of illimination, would work well the sell the artist/music. After such positive feedback, I look forward to getting stuck in!

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