Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Pitch

As a part of the music video creation process I needed to deliver a pitch to the rest of my media class in order to sell my idea. Here is the video I played:

I received a lot of feedback regarding my ideas. Despite wondering whether or not the pineapple idea would be a little too hard to understand, nearly all of my feedback was very encouraging. Not only did they like the idea but also commented on how it turns my stereotypical breakup theme into something else. This is exactly what I wanted to convey as the song is accentuating the conventions of the break up and pointing out (at least from Paramore's perspective) that people get so overemotional. I am really glad that I know this will communicate clearly.

They also believed that I had an idea that would apply to my audiences well (as I explained the demographic after I was asked). There is risk to go to far on the humorous side but I planned to induce the humour in careful moderation and not go too far with the pop elements/conventions.

There was a little speculation with regards to whether or not the locations will be suitable as they have not yet been specifically decided - they involve a bedroom, a living room and a few outdoor shots - and so soon I will be doing an evaluation for availability and suitability for my possible locations.

Overall the feedback I received told me that this seems achievable as well as exciting and one person even specifically stated that they looked forward to seeing the finished video.

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