Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Focus Group Questions for Feedback

These questions will be posted on the Facebook page soon:
  • First I need to make sure that I post the pitch and ask them to watch and give their initial thoughts then asking 'Do you understand the concept?'
  • 'Do you think my idea is relevant to the genre?'
  • Provide a list of potential shots and ask which ones they think sound best
  • 'Does this sound interesting and does it sound like a music video?'
  • 'Is there anything you think needs to be included prop wise? costume wise? performance wise?'
  • 'Does anyone want to be a part of this video?' - then provide filming times etc.
  • 'Oli, I know you can play the guitar but can you play electric guitar? Would you consider performing in the video?'
  • Later I will ask them to vote on who they think is most suitable for the roles

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