Monday, 16 September 2013

Demands of the Record Label

Now I have a bearing on lighting I can take a look and see how that is incorporated in existing music videos, so as I can have a better idea of how I will use it. One of Goodwin's...

When considering musical artists, Lady Gaga is someone who very clearly has her own unique brand image.

Her videos are always very commercial:

Straight away you know what you are watching.

What Lady Gaga IS is artistic, weird, loud, vogue, individual. These pictures convey this clearly:

Metal wings look like they've come straight out of an arts workshop.
Their only purpose is artistic.

Hand on heart admits that she loves who she is... that and the coming of a giant top hat. 

Wild expression, unconventional make-up
'Vogue' style pose and imagery through black and white filter.
Weird for the sake of weird or art? Or both?

There are also many close ups that identify her in different forms. All however, make it clear of what the focus is; her:

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